Novos chips da Nvidia dão problema

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Novos chips da Nvidia dão problema

Postby worf » Sat Oct 10, 2009 4:25 am ... s-under-2/

Nvidia GT300 yields are under 2%

out of 416 tries, it got 7 'good' chips back from the fab. Oh how it must yearn for the low estimate of 20%, talk about botched execution. To save you from having to find a calculator, that is (7 / 416 = .01682), rounded up, 1.7% yield.

So 416 chips were made. 7 were “good”. And good doesn’t mean “functional”, just “as designed” (a design flaw would carry through). If they can’t iron the kinks out of the process, we may never see the GT300 as advertised.


alguém vai perder o emprego...

mas achei isso aqui também

According to AMD’s competitive analysis team, only nine chips should work per wafer, but they got this number due to a bad translation and we can definitely dismiss this number as completely inaccurate information.

As we've said before, the chip we call GT300 is a completely new design and it simply could not come out earlier. Nvidia certainly doesn’t like the fact that ATI is first with new technology again, but it comforts them that they can make its DirectX 11 faster.
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Re: Novos chips da Nvidia dão problema

Postby Sephiroth » Wed Dec 09, 2009 3:55 pm

uhn...nvidia no fim das contas sempre compensa mais q ati/amd...
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